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Wallpaper & Fabric
F. Schumacher & Co., Theodore Greeff

Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric products are among the finest home decorating products that you can buy. And buying your Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric prodcuts at DiscountDecorator will get you this great product and at a super discount price. DiscountDecorator works hard to get you the best deal on Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric products.

Greeff, now owned by F. Schumacher & co., is well known as a leading high-end supplier of high style, high quality decorative fabrics and wallpaper to the interior design trade.

The Greeff brand was acquired by F. Schumacher & Co. They acquired the Greeff brand in December 1996. Greeff products are exclusively distrubuted to fine interior designers, architects and upscale retailers.

Greeff was founded in 1933. Greeff has a long and distinguished history of serving the interior design trade. Greef was founded in the depth of the Great Depression, when 24-year-old Theodore Greeff began producing a line of printed and woven fabrics. Mr. Greeff greatly expanded the collection with the introduction of fashionable hand-blocked chintzes from England.

Mr. Greeff's timeless Victorian designs were so popular that Greeff began to acquire its own documents and antique textiles from England and France, forming the core of an unparalleled archive which Greeff designers utilize on a regular basis. As Greeff's reputation for period designs grew, Greeff developed a number of programs based on museum collections and historic houses.

Greeff added wallpapers and woven fabrics in 1947. These wallpapers and fabrics were a wonderful complement Greeff's print line. Thus began a tradition of totally coordinated collections of Greeff wallpaper, Greeff printed fabrics, and Greeff woven fabrics, which continues today.

DiscountDecorator offers a wide selection of exclusive premium Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric products. Our products are typically available only within the trade. DiscountDecorator is able to bring Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric products to you at the best discounted prices you will find, anywhere.

If you are looking for high quality products at discount prices for your Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric purchase, just ask Marcy at Marcy, your personal discount decorator, will work hard to get you the best deal to meet your Greeff Wallpaper & Fabric needs.

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