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F. Schumacher & Schumacher

Wallpaper and Fabrics

F. Schumacher Schumacher Wallpaper products are among the finest home decorating products that you can buy. And buying your Schumacher Wallpaper prodcuts at DiscountDecorator will get you this great product and at a super discount price. DiscountDecorator works hard to get you the best deal on Schumacher Wallpaper products.

F. Schumacher & Schumacher is a high-end source of decorative Wallpaper products. F. Schumacher & Co. is a privately-held supplier of fine decorative fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings and accessories. Founded by Parisian Frederic Schumacher in 1889, the company today is owned and managed by his descendants, president and chief executive officer Gerald Puschel and chairman of the board Philip Puschel.

F. Schumacher & Co. was founded in 1889 by Parisian Frederic Schumacher, who began importing the finest decorative fabrics from Europe and using them to decorate the mansions of the Vanderbilts, the DuPonts, the Floods and the Roosevelts, as well as foremost hotels.

DiscountDecorator offers a wide selection of exclusive premium F. Schumacher Schumacher Wallpaper products. Our products are typically available only within the trade. DiscountDecorator is able to bring Schumacher Wallpaper products to you at the best discounted prices you will find, anywhere.

F. Schumacher & Co. markets its products under six high-profile brands, each aimed at a specific customer base. The interior design community is served by the Schumacher; Patterson, Flynn & Martin, Rosecore, and Greeff brands. The Gramercy and Waverly brands are positioned to serve the decorative home furnishings retail market. The company's Village brand is aimed at the do-it-yourself, home improvement retail market.

Schumacher fabrics also have been used in rooms of state and the living quarters of the First Families, from the Red Room to the powder room. An F. Schumacher velvet was used for the presidential desk chair by President Herbert Hoover. During the Truman years, a Vera design for Schumacher was used in the third floor sunroom. The company's fabrics were used extensively during the Eisenhower Administration—indeed, one toile design by Elizabeth Draper was even fashioned into a dress worn by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. A Schumacher silk damask was used for the curtain of a temporary stage set up in the East Room during the Kennedy Administration; Schumacher fabrics also were used on the chairs in the State Dining Room.

If you are looking for high quality products at discount prices for your F. Schumacher Schumacher Wallpaper purchase, just ask Marcy at Marcy, your personal discount decorator, will work hard to get you the best deal to meet your Schumacher Wallpaper needs.

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